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NOU, (pronounced like noo in noodles), is a play object designed for both your pet and you. It’s the larger version of the NOUNOU. To make it fun, you will need to get creative in making various shapes with them.

NOU can be a pretzel, a boating knot, a tossing ball or a tug of war rope. Works like an enrichment toy, treats can be hidden in the knots and rewarded when your pet successfully unknots them.

Discover the different kinds & colours below!

If 1 Nou is too easy for your pet, you can always level up and make more complicated shapes with 2 or 3 NOU! Or wrap it around a BREUER.
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Type: toy

Squeaky, Crunchy or Silent

Squeaky Corduroy NOU (cream/ taupe)

4 squeakers are hidden in various spots along the Nou and your pet can enjoy the fun of getting to more squeakies when unknotting the play object.

Crinkle Noise Knit NOU (gray/ charcoal)

Multiple clusters of crinkle paper that make noise when crunched are placed along the Nou for those water bottle lovers!.

Silent NOU (tan)

This is designed for those who loves to destroy anything that makes noise but who enjoys playing enrichment toys.

Reasons to love


Hide treats. Small bite size treats usually work best.


Forget about the knotting and NOU is just as fun as a tug of war rope.

MIX the textures

Nou currently comes in 2 coverings, a textured corduroy + a nylon-infused knit. Mix the two together to add satisfaction for chewers.

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